Spooning leads to cooking. 

Ruckus Wood Goods - Michelle Adams

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  • These handmade beauties are created in Prince Edward County.


    Notes about the product:

    Hand Made

    Hand Wash Only

    Do Not Soak In Water

    Beeswax Finish


    Long Spoon Specs: 

    Length 13 inches

    Diameter of bowl  1.5 inches

    Made from Cherry wood

    Price $40


    Tiny Cocktail Spoon: 

    Length 5.5 inches

    Diameter of bowl 1 inches

    Made From Birdseye Maple

    Price $35

    Spatula Buddy:

    Length 11.5 inches

    Diameter 2.5 inches

    Made from Walnut 

    Price $35  


    Cool Guy 45:

    Length - 11 inches

    Diameter at widest point - 2.5 inches

    Made from Walnut 

    Price $40 


    Toss your salad:

    Length - both are 11 inches

    Diameter - 3 inches and 2.5 inches

    Made from Pine 

    Price $55


    Ruckus Wood Goods is donating 15% of their proceeds to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.



If you have any questions or

special requests just send an email. Interested in showcasing your work on our site? That can be arranged too.

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